For years I suffered from stabbing "pins and needles" FOOT PAIN! Uncontrolled diabetes blew-me-up to 300 pounds! Sometimes high blood sugar made my head ache so much that I had to lie down for most of the day. My kidneys also throbbed and my eyesight was growing dimmer and dimmer.

When My Doctor Confessed —
"Patrick, Modern Medicine Can Do Nothing
More For Your Diabetic Condition!" —
I Got Mad And Discovered A "Secret" PRIMAL
Diabetic Diet, Whole Food Concentrates
& Natural Remedies That Allowed My
Body To Begin Healing Type 2 Diabetes
 — Within a Few Short Weeks!

After years of research, I’m making my findings available to you.

I’ll send you a step-by-step assignment every 9 to 10 days for one full year to help you to…

  • Restore your pancreas
  • Reduce or eliminate insulin resistance
  • Control blood glucose levels
  • Reverse or prevent diabetic complications to your eyes, gums, feet, kidneys and heart
  • Prevent or eliminate the threat of gangrene and amputation
  • Reduce or eliminate antidiabetic drugs or get off insulin
  • Easily lose 2 pounds of ugly FAT per week or more
(ONLY 2,500 Charter Members Will Be Accepted!)

From: Patrick I. Lecky
Re: 12 Month "Diabetic Warrior™ Heal Diabetes Now" Training Program

Dear Fellow Diabetic:

Listen... My name is Patrick Lecky and I'm a Type 2 Diabetic who injected insulin for 10 years until I blew-up to 300 pounds as the photo to the right shows. Look how FAT my face was. Believe me, on a 5' 11'' frame this was not very flattering.

When I complained, my doctor confessed that besides controlling blood glucose levels, taking insulin shots, antidiabetic drugs, exercising and perhaps laser surgery for my eyes, there was nothing more modern medicine could do for me.

        That's when I got mad and started doing my own research. My investigation lead me to a healthy diabetic diet consisting of the best foods for diabetes. I call this natural diabetes diet my PRIMAL foods diet and it also includes diabetes supplements and other natural diabetes remedies that allowed my body to heal diabetes on its own!
With this diabetic diet I quickly lost 119 pounds by doing less exercise than before! And I’ve kept the weight off! The photo to the left is how I appear now. I don't experience any more stabbing pins and needles foot PAIN! My kidneys don't pound! My eyesight has stabilized. I also haven't taken insulin or any oral anti-diabetic drug in 9 years! I'm much stronger and energetic! My life is my own!
Eating a PRIMAL diabetic diet and taking tested, proven natural diabetes remedies to heal Type 2 Diabetes is the only true way to deal with this nutritional condition. YES! I said "nutritional condition".
Be honest. You got Type 2 diabetes because you were NOT eating a PRIMAL diabetic diet — not because you weren’t taking antidiabetic drugs like Metformin or shooting Insulin.

My research revealed that the only real way to 
  heal type 2 diabetes is to consume PRIMAL
foods that will re-build your pancreas,  control
blood glucose levels and eliminate insulin resistance.

"No Insulin Or AntiDiabetic Drugs In
Over 9 Years.
I Heal Myself & Write
The Diabetic Warrior™ Newsletter!"

          To share these findings with other diabetics, I started my own monthly, 8-page diabetes newsletter, The Diabetic Warrior™. Why do I call it the Warrior? Well, frankly, this newsletter is not for the weak-willed. I don't promote antidiabetic drugs and diabetes therapies that simply mask your symptoms to make you feel better temporarily.

          The Diabetic Warrior™ advocates proven, natural diabetes remedies and a natural diabetes diet that nourishes your body so it can heal diabetes naturally. You’ll learn which specific PRIMAL Foods, whole food supplements, diabetes supplements, therapies, and  diabetic remedies truly strengthen your pancreas to get rid of type 2 diabetes once and for all.

The Easiest Way to Create Vibrant Health Is
To Consume
PRIMAL Foods and Use Natural
Remedies That Empower
You To
Heal Diabetes And Its Complications!
Diabetes is first and foremost a nutritional condition. In fact, from 90% to 95% of all degenerative conditions such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and many others stem from bad nutrition and the accumulation of toxins and wastes.

Therefore to heal diabetes — you first must detoxify yourself of old food wastes and chemical toxins and then re-build your body with PRIMAL Foods, whole food concentrates and other natural remedies! While I do advocate certain dietary supplements — make no mistake — PRIMAL Foods are # 1 for health.

PRIMAL Foods Are The First, Original Foods Of Man!
                 Let’s journey back in time. Whether you believe in creation or evolution — the true nutritional requirements of humans has not changed in over 2.5 million years. Yes! That’s how long hominids have walked the earth. Our digestive system has been fashioned for millions of years to assimilate the PRIMAL foods that we can naturally gather, hunt or fish from our immediate environment. PRIMAL foods are the first, original foods of man! Up until about 8,000 years ago EVERYONE on earth ate this way.
The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) record shows that there was no diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. at this time. Then when their population grew and our ancient Paleolithic ancestors depleted their natural food supply, they began cultivating alien foods that our digestive system was not equipped to digest. This ushered in the Neolithic era and "the diseases of civilization" began to flourish such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc. More recently, we have depleted our soils of minerals and have also processed the life out of our conventional food supply. Whether you have diabetes or not you need PRIMAL foods just to survive!

Now, The Diabetic Warrior™ Has Been Updated And
Re-Formatted As Step-By-Step Lessons That Teach
You How To Begin Healing Diabetes Within a Few Short Weeks!
Introducing The Diabetic Warrior™ Heal Diabetes Now
A Step-By-Step 52-Week Training Program
For Naturally Defeating
Diabetes And Preventing Or
Conquering its Deadly Complications!

Listen... I slave over my newsletter like you won't believe. You won't read run-of-the-mill mainstream propaganda here. I interview medical doctors, alternative physicians, nutritionists, prominent healers and other successful diabetics to find cutting edge treatments.

I pore over research reports, medical journals, newsletters, nutrition books and reference manuals to uncover what really works! I critique new and old treatments to give you their upside benefits and their downside risks.

The result is a well-researched, engaging, fast reading, subscription newsletter written from the point of view of a diabetic.
But now this material is even better. I’ve taken my Diabetic Warrior™ Newsletter issues and reformatted and updated them as easy, step-by-step lessons that are now: "The Diabetic Warrior  Heal Diabetes Now Training Program"

Instead Of Publishing This Information In A Series
eBooks, I’m Sending It To You Every 9-10 Days In
Action-Sized Portions So You Actually Attain Results!
Most of you don’t need another eBook to clutter up your hard drive or more words to clog your brain. What you need is a "here’s what you do next" action step to complete.
What you need is for someone to show you how to quickly get started and then keep teaching you lesson after lesson so you don’t get stalled along the way — and get better week-by-week.

As A Member You’ll Receive One 8-10 Page
Lesson Every 9-10 Days for 52 Weeks
(47 Lessons In All) In Downloadable .PDF Format!
Each lesson is strategically created in such a way that you’ll see results with the program.
  1. Proven, Tested, Complete And Easy To Digest: Each lesson is complete and contains nothing but "meat". There is a very real problem now-a-days with "incomplete information" that rambles and does not fully explain what to do next. Rest assured that these lessons were NOT created "on-the-fly". They were not put together just for this program. These lessons are the "the-best-of" 5 years of monthly Diabetic Warrior™ Newsletter issues. They are meticulously researched and tested information  on PRIMAL Foods, natural remedies, whole food concentrates, recipes, therapies and treatments that are proven to work for type 2 diabetics. While comprehensive, each lesson is also easily readable so you can quickly put it into practice.

  2. Includes An Assignment To Complete: Every lesson will provide you with an assignment to complete at the close of that lesson. Instead of giving you the usual "this is what I’ve done" stuff, I’m giving you a checklist of "this is what you do" stuff! Each lesson will give you some easy to implement action steps to complete before you move on. Each lesson will also build on the previous lessons.

  3. Get Healthy As You Progress: Every lesson builds your health as time progresses. Early on we’ll discuss the basic foundations of robust good health. From there, we’ll move into intermediate and then advanced tactics for defeating diabetes and preventing or eliminating complications. Newbies won’t get lost from the start and veteran diabetics won’t get bored, as I’ll throw in some gold nuggets along the way for the experienced crowd.

  4. Forces You to Get Well Long-Term: While most diabetes books, eBooks, websites, journals, and magazines give you basic information or rehash a bunch of disconnected material and leave you to put it together for yourself, that isn’t how things are setup here. By giving you detailed, tested and proven diabetes treatments, foods, recipes, and remedies in action-sized portions for a full year — you’ll be compelled to actually do something with the contents…and you’ll be more likely to see results for yourself.

  5. Help You Make Real Progress: When you look back after each month, you’ll actually be able to see progress by putting these lessons into practice. As you learn which PRIMAL Foods and natural remedies specifically work for you — you’ll feel more strength, have boosted energy, enjoy time with your family, go shopping, putter around in your garden, play with your grandchildren, go to dinner, visit with friends, go to the movies, go fishing, go to sporting events, etc. — YOU’LL BE ACTIVE AND VIGOROUS AGAIN!

Join Now While Charter Memberships
Are Still Available…

Yes, Patrick, I want my first Lesson delivered right
now, on how to heal Type 2 Diabetes! I have read
and agree to the disclaimers and terms of use below.

(Even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday)

You will receive an email every 2-3 days from the day you join with a download link to your 7 QUICK START .PDF Lessons. After that you will receive an email every 9-10 days with a download link to your 38 Regular .PDF Lessons in this 12-month training program.

Your initial charge will be $14.97. You will be charged $14.97 per month for 11 months after your initial payment has been made. You may cancel anytime.

The QUICK START Detoxification And Cleansing
Segment Are Your First Lessons!

To begin you’ll get a series of QUICK START Lessons that are the Detoxification And Cleansing Segments and are designed to put you on the road to recovery right away!
NOTE: YOUR 7 QUICK START Lessons will be delivered every 2-3 days rather than every 9-10 days to give you a jump start on recovery.
The First QUICK START Lesson will be delivered to you immediately upon completing your order. Your QUICK START Lessons include...

Lesson # 1: "How to Eliminate Diabetes Drugs And Insulin Shots For Type 2 Diabetes — By Someone Who Did!" — Ten years of taking two to three shots of insulin a day left me in bad shape. I took insulin until I tipped the scales at almost 300 pounds. Insulin triggered my body to store excess carbohydrates... — Click above to read more.

Lesson # 2: " 3 Magic Therapies That Are Your Keys To Recovery From Diabetes & Also Promote Blessed Weight Loss!"Three Therapies Allow You To Detoxify and Cleanse Your Inner Body To Prepare Yourself For Super Healing!

Lesson # 3: "Directional Juicing & How To Apply It To Diabetes!" — The Specific Raw Juice Combinations That Heal The Pancreas, Stomach and Spleen — Three Organs That Are On The Same Energy Pathway And Need To Be Nourished And Treated At The Same Time.

Lesson # 4: "Juice-Fasting vs. Water-Fasting! Detoxify & Restore Your Pancreas!" — Unleash The Surgeon Within! Heal Insulin Resistance, Lose Body FAT and Banish Diabetes! — A Detailed Tutorial On Juice-Fasting vs. Water Fasting For Diabetics!

Lesson # 5: "How A HEALING CRISIS Can Detoxify You To Recover From Diabetes!" — Find The Courage To ENDURE In Order To HEAL, Regenerate And Prosper!

Lesson # 6: "Quick Start & Reminders CHECKLIST" — Broken Down Into Bite-Sized Action Steps So You Don't Miss Anything!

Lesson # 7: "Kay’s Day-By-Day JUICE FEAST!" — Read How She Lost 20 Pounds, Became More Alert, Restored Her Energy, Controlled Her Blood Sugar And Eliminated Diabetes Drugs!

              You’ll get your first Quick Start Lesson instantly after you join. Everything you need to understand the concept and get started is included. So even if you have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or are an old veteran — within a few short weeks you’ll have a better handle on controlling your health than the vast majority of diabetics.

Digestion & Assimilation Lessons

            Next, you'll be sent Lessons that will bolster your digestion so that you may fully absorb nutrient-dense PRIMAL Foods later on. 

Lesson # 8: "Re-Populating Your Gut With The Right Kind of Intestinal Bacteria Is Essential For Complete Digestion!" — Protect Yourself Against Diabetes & Cancer With The Most PRIMAL of All Treatments — PROBIOTICS! 
Lesson # 9: "The Spark Plugs Of ALL LIFE — Food, Digestive & Metabolic Enzymes!" — Learn The Different Kinds Of Enzymes That Diabetics Lack And How To Use Them To Enhance Your Digestion, Bolster Your Pancreas, Protect Your Kidneys, Accelerate FAT Loss, Scrub Out Your Arteries And Heal Insulin Resistance. 

PRIMAL Foods Lessons
After completing the first two segments, you are now ready to start on PRIMAL Foods. First we’ll start with a detailed overview that will teach you all about The PRIMAL Diabetic Diet.

Lesson # 10: "The PRIMAL Diabetic Diet"BURN FAT, Control Blood Sugar & Eliminate Insulin Resistance!" — Also, Acheive Your Perfect Weight, Learn Which Foods To Banish, Your PRIMAL Foods Shopping List, Sources Of PRIMAL Foods & Delicious, Easy-To-Prepare PRIMAL Foods Recipes!

Lesson # 11: "PRIMAL GREEN Foods That Renew Body Cells & HEAL DIABETIC WOUNDS!" — The PRIMAL Nutrients In Green Whole Food Concentrates Also Directly Stimulate The Formation Of Red Blood Cells To Build Your Blood, Restores Your Acid/Alkaline Balance, !And Destroys Pathogenic Bacteria To Banish Infections!

Lesson # 12: "The Top 6 PRIMAL Animal Foods & How They May HEAL DIABETES!" — Enjoy Reduced Blood Triglycerides, Lower Risk Of Blood Clots, Less Irregular Heart Rhythms, Reduced Blood Pressure And Decreased Hardening of the Arteries! Plus Sources of Delicious PRIMAL Foods!

Lesson # 13: "6 Good FATS That Help Diabetics Lose Weight, Build Muscle & Boost Energy!" — These Good Fats & Oils Also Aid the Digestion of Protein And Minerals, Improves Insulin Secretion And Helps In the Utilization of Blood Sugar!

Lesson # 14: "This PRIMAL Green Food May Make It Possible To Feed Earth’s Billions!" It Nourishes Your 80 Trillion Body Cells To Aid In Recovery From Neuropathy, Protect You From Heavy Metal Poisoning, Improve Bowel Health & Digestion, Mend Damaged Tissue, Retard Aging And Boost Your Immune System.

Lesson # 15: "LOSE FAT, Build Muscle & Develop A SHARP MIND… With The CAVE MAN Diet!" — You Are Programmed To Consume PRIMAL Foods That Foster Speedy FAT Loss, Builds Strong Toned Muscles & Forge Sharp Minds! Achieve A Strong, Lean Healthy Body!

Lesson # 16: How Two Type 1 Diabetics Got Off Insulin! & Tasty PRIMAL Diabetes Recipes! — I Interview Two Type 1 Diabetics Who Claim PRIMAL Vegan Foods Healed Them!

Lesson # 17: "How Grass-Fed Milk May Heal Diabetes!" — Plus Lactose-FREE Yogurt Recipe! Find Out How Real Milk Has Been Used For Centuries To Regenerate The Pancreas & Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels. Also, An Interview With Naturopathic Doctor Ron Schmid On Healing Diabetes With Milk & Yogurt! 
Lesson # 18: "LIVE LONGER — Man Lives For 152 Years On Yogurt, Probiotics, Minerals & Enzymes!"Discover The Real Secret To Longevity. Find Out How Minerals, Trace Elements, Probiotics & Enzymes Protect The Longest Lived Peoples On Earth Against Diabetes & It’s Complications! 
Lesson # 19: "M.D.’s Program Defeats Insulin Resistance, Aging & Weight Gain!" — Outstanding Conventional Physician Discovers How To Use PRIMAL Foods To Heal Her Patients Of Diabetes! Also, How To Prevent & Treat Osteoporosis! 
Lesson # 20: "Restore Your CHILD’S VIGOR & Intellect With These PRIMAL Foods!" — Our Toxic World Harms Our Children & May Bring Us To The Brink Of Extinction! Find Out How To Prevent Obesity, Autism & Type 2 Diabetes In Children! Also, How Soft-Drinks, The Thirst-Killers, Are Also Killing Our Kids! 

BONUS REPORT # 1: "How Bad Food & Bad Medicine Spawned The Diabetes Plague & How To End It!" — How Type 2 Diabetes Was Once Controlled By PRIMAL Foods. Why Diabetes Increased By 7,000% In 110 Years! Also, How Anti-Diabetic Drugs Made The Drug Companies Rich At Your Expense!

Lesson # 21: "How Eating Bread Began The Diabetes Plaque — STOP Being A Victim!" — Why All Foods Made From Grains Such As Wheat, Rice, Corn, Oats, Barley, etc. Are Linked With The ‘Diseases Of Civilization’. Also, How To Forage For PRIMAL Foods In The Supermarket Like A Modern Day Fisher-Hunter-Gatherer!
Lesson # 22: "DIABETES BANISHED!: Woman Loses 185 lbs. Also the "5-Cent Master Mineral Secret!"How Following The American Diabetes Assn. Diet Blew Maria Up To 332 Lbs.! And How She Took Control And Saved Herself By Consuming Nutrient-Dense PRIMAL Foods! 
Lesson # 23: "Reared On PRIMAL Foods, The SWISS Guard — The Fiercest Fighters In All Of Europe — Have Been Staunch Defenders Of The Pope For Over 500 Years!"
Lesson # 24: "34 Years of PRIMAL DIET Experience!" — An Interview With Aajonus Vonderplanitz! Aajonus Speaks About Healing Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Nerve Damage, Cataract, Glaucoma, Kidney Disease, Muscle Wasting, Arteriosclerosis & Atherosclerosis With A PRIMAL DIET! 

Join Now While Charter Memberships
Are Still Available…

Yes, Patrick, I want my first Lesson delivered right
now, on how to heal Type 2 Diabetes! I have read
and agree to the disclaimers and terms of use below.

(Even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday)

You will receive an email every 2-3 days from the day you join with a download link to your 7 QUICK START .PDF Lessons. After that you will receive an email every 9-10 days with a download link to your 38 Regular .PDF Lessons in this 12-month training program.

Your initial charge will be $14.97. You will be charged $14.97 per month for 11 months after your initial payment has been made. You may cancel anytime.

Lessons On Diabetic Supplements!

Lesson # 26: "END Nerve Pain & Numbness With The King of Diabetes Nutrients!" This Diabetes Nutrient Also Helps You Lose FAT, Reduces HbA1C, Lessens Sciatica Pain & Combats Erectile Dysfunction! Also How The Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Greatly Adds to Diabetic Complications! 
Lesson # 27: "How To Easily Restore Feeling To Your Feet And Hands" —  Abolish The Burning, Numbness And ‘Pins & Needles’ PAIN of Neuropathy! Also How To Heal Diabetic Wounds!" 

Lesson # 28: "Ultimate Complications Protector!" — Super Supplement Prevents Premature Aging, Removes Heavy Metals, Defends Against Cataracts & Macular Degeneration, Controls Blood Sugar, Normalizes HbA1c, Improves Retinopathy, Neuropathy, Kidney Disease, Atherosclerosis & Stroke! 
Lesson # 29: "Do You Crave RELIEF From Numb Toes, Legs Or Fingers? PINS & NEEDLES PAIN? Burning Or Tingling? Sensitivity To Touch? Retinopathy? Kidney Disease? Heart Disease?" — Then I’m Inviting You To Join Me In Taking A New Supplement That MAY Benefit You Tremendously! 

Lesson # 30: "Your Guide To Vitamins & Minerals Critical For Type 2 Diabetes!" — Thirteen Minerals And Fifteen Vitamins That Support Glucose Regulation, Increase Insulin Sensitivity, Heal Heart Disease & Stroke, Foster Eye Health, Improve Circulation, Burn Body FAT, And Heal Wounds & Lesions Plus Much More. 

Lesson # 31: "Diabetes HERBS That Balance Blood Sugar & Reverse Insulin Resistance!" — 6 Herbs That Are A Vast Storehouses Of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Enzymes, Amino Acids Chlorophyll, Essential Fatty Acids, & Phyto-Nutrients That Promote Diabetic Health.

Lesson # 32: "Protect Your Kidneys, Legs, Nerves, Heart & Eyes With The PRIMAL Diabetic Diet & High Dose Fish-Oil!" — How High Levels Of Essential Fatty Acids Controls Production Of Insulin, Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels And Curbs HUNGER! Also, The Fast And Easy 3-Step Method In Figuring Out Food Portions! 

BONUS REPORT # 2: Overlooked Supplements For Diabetic Neuropathy And Retinopathy! — How A Combination Of Two Common Substances Strengthens Capillaries And Other Blood Vessels To Boost Circulation And Reduce Blood Pressure To Improve Your Eye Sight. Also, One Supplement That May Ease Burning, Pain And Heaviness In Legs & Hands! 

Lesson # 33: "Special Sugars May CURE Diabetes!" — Learn The Science of Glyconutrients!" — They Boost Immunity, Aid The Repair Of Tissues And Organs, Help Retain Bone Density & Muscle Mass, Boost The Development Of Your Brain To Create Long-Term Memories And Inhibit Tumor Growth & Spread! 
Lesson # 34: "DIABETES EXERCISE — 30 Minutes, 2X Week — Build Muscle 50% Faster!" — Easy, Proven, Super-Slow Exercises That Even The Elderly Can Do! Causes Muscles To Grow So You Lose FAT, Stabilize Blood Sugar, Control Complications & Improve Circulation! 
SUMMARY LESSON # 1: "The Diabetic Survival Kit!" — Rediscover The Three Therapies That Will Allow Your Body To ACHIEVE ACCELERATED HEALING! 
SUMMARY LESSON # 2: "Delicious, Easy-To-Prepare PRIMAL Food Recipes!" — Naturally Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels, Control Triglycerides, Lower Blood Pressure, Build Lean Muscle And Give You Energy To Burn!

Join Now While Charter Memberships
Are Still Available…

Yes, Patrick, I want my first Lesson delivered right
now, on how to heal Type 2 Diabetes! I have read
and agree to the disclaimers and terms of use below.

(Even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday)

You will receive an email every 2-3 days from the day you join with a download link to your 7 QUICK START .PDF Lessons. After that you will receive an email every 9-10 days with a download link to your 38 Regular .PDF Lessons in this 12-month training program.

Your initial charge will be $14.97. You will be charged $14.97 per month for 11 months after your initial payment has been made. You may cancel anytime.

Lessons On Preventing And 
Healing Diabetic Complications!

Lesson # 35: "CIRCULATION!" — One Key To ENDING NERVE PAIN & Diabetic Wounds! — A Medical Device Increases Circulation By As Much As 3,200% After Just 30 Minutes! The Increased Blood Flow In Nerve Damage Feet Is 10 Times Greater Than Achieved With Warmth Alone! Also, Photos Of Incredible Wound Healing! 
Lesson # 36: "Quickly Restore Circulation To Your Legs And Feet And Save Them From Amputation" — Even If You’re Attacked By Gangrene! — Plus A Great Blood-Sugar Lowering Herbal Formula! 

Lesson # 37: "Winning With Diabetes Complications! — Defeat Heart Disease & Stroke!" — Prevent Or Heal Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke, Arteriosclerosis & Atherosclerosis By Scrubbing Your Arteries Clean Without Drugs Or Surgery. Apply These Herbs, Supplements & Natural Therapies! 

Lesson # 38: "SAVE Your TEETH & GUMS & Also Defeat Heart Disease, Stroke & Kidney Failure!" — Prevent Or Heal Gingivitis, Periodontis, Bleeding Gums & Abscesses While Also Bolstering The Health Of Your Whole Body With These Natural Methods! 
Lesson # 39: "Nourishing PRIMAL Foods & Herbal Remedies That May Cleanse, Repair & Heal Your Kidneys!" 
Lesson # 40: "PRIMAL Foods That Defeat MUSCLE Wasting & Bone Loss, Provide Endurance & Switch Off Hunger & Cravings Forever!" 

Lesson # 41: "How To Successfully Heal & Treat Diabetes Erectile Dysfunction!" — Exposes The Dire Link Between ED, Diabetes & Artery Disease. You'll Discover Natural Substances That Blasts Away Plaque In The Blood Vessels That Supply The Sexual Organs! Also, Herbs, Minerals And PRIMAL Foods That Boost Virility!

Click picture to ZOOMLesson # 42: "How To STOP The Blood Vessel Complications Of Type 2 Diabetes!" — You'll Learn Why Chronic Inflammation Is Linked With Plaque And May Trigger Heart Attacks & Stroke.  Also, How PRIMAL Nutrients & Special Supplements Bind To Damaged Areas Of Your Arteries To Destroy Existing Plaque!

Lesson # 43: Alternative Help For Diabetic Eye Diseases — CATARACT & GLAUCOMA!” — How Excess Insulin & Micro-Vascular Complications Contribute To Cataract & Glaucoma. You'll Learn About Alternative Cataract Therapies And Enyzme Therapy For Glaucoma. Also, Natural Vision Protectors That Are Proven & Safe!

Lesson # 44: LOSE WEIGHT, LIVE LONGER & Ease Diabetic Complications With CRD!” — New Diet Therapy Also Lessens Heart Disease, Nerve Damage, Impotence & Kidney Failure. Improve Every Measure Of Your Health — Lower AGEs, Blood Pressure, Insulin & Glucose Levels — Build Strength, Stamina & Immune Function!

Lesson # 45: "95% Of My Patients Recover ONLY IF This Toxic Material Is Removed!" — This Common Poison Deactivates Insulin, Kills Brain Cells & Destroys Your Protective Immune Cells. Remove It Along With Initiating Bowel & Liver Detoxification, Consuming Nutrient-Dense PRIMAL Foods & Other Natural Therapies!

2 More Bonus Reports And A  Bonus Lesson!

BONUS REPORT # 3: "How The Drug Companies & The AMA Seized Control Of Medical Education!" — This Is The Origins Of Drug-Based & Surgery-Based Medicine In The United States! How The AMA & The Drug Companies Eliminated Competing Medical Professionals That Refused To Use Its Allopathic Drug Model!
BONUS REPORT # 4: "A Mother’s Valient Struggle To HEAL Her Son Of Type 1 Diabetes!" — Also, New RECIPES That Will Nourish Your Body to Achieve Accelerated HEALING!
Lesson # 46: "French Herbal Healer Maurice Messegue Counts French President Herroit, English Prime Minister Churchill and King Farouk of Egypt Among His 50,000 HEALED Patients!" — Yet He Was Indicted 21 Times For Practicing Medicine Without A License!

NO More FEAR! —
You Now Have An Easy To Follow Plan
On How To Recover From Type 2 Diabetes!
                When I began to research natural diabetes treatments over eleven years ago, I was amazed that there was so much bad information. I also tried a lot of foods and dietary supplements that simply didn't work. I literally spent thousands of dollars on books, newsletters, journals, capsules, pills, tablets, powders, foods and herbs to discover what really works. If you're trying to get well, you're probably going through the same weeding-out process.
After finding PRIMAL Foods and natural remedies that really work for myself and other diabetics and also writing a monthly, 8-page subscription newsletter for 5 years — I know I have superior information that will help you immediately. You now have the knowledge to heal yourself. Wherever you eat out — or go to grocery store — you’ll know what to consume.
Listen, I know what it’s like to go to sleep and fear how high my blood sugar may be in the morning. I know what it’s like to wonder which complication I’m fostering because of bad eating habits. I know what it’s like to buy bottle after bottle of insulin and packs of syringes. I know what it’s like to search for a diabetes doctor that will be honest with me. I know what it’s like to spend every available dime on the latest therapies or supplements. I know what it’s like to sink more and more money into empty health promises that just don’t work.

It’s for that reason that I am not going to charge the thousands of dollars that I could for this program. Instead I’m going to make it a no-brainer by making it downright affordable for every budget.
The price for a charter subscription to the "Diabetic Warrior Heal Diabetes Now Program™" is just $14.97 per month. While the program is 12 months in length, you can cancel anytime you choose.

An Immense Discount — 5 Years Of
The Diabetic Warrior™
For Just $14.97 Per Month!
You’ll be getting the best of 5 years of monthly Diabetic Warrior™ Newsletter issues for just $14.97 a month for 12 months! If you were to originally purchase 5 years of the Warrior, it would cost you $79.95 per year for a total of $399.75! In addition, each issue is now updated and rewritten as sequential, easy to follow step-by-step lessons.

Heal Diabetes For $14.97/Mo. Or Manage
Diabetes For $978/Mo. You Decide!
The latest figures released by the American Diabetes Association (Diabetes Care, Vol. 31, No. 3, March 2008) estimates that the cost of Conventional Diabetes Treatments in 2007 was about $11,744 per person. That’s $978 a month!
Why are conventional diabetes treatments so expensive? Well when you take into consideration the cost of hospital visits, physician office visits, emergency services, home care, oral antidiabetic drugs, insulin shots, syringes, meter, test strips and other equipment and supplies — the costs adds up fast. Oral antidiabetic drugs and insulin were estimated to cost $705 dollars a year alone. Diabetics have medical expenses that were about 2.4 times higher than others in the same age group without diabetes.
Even if your insurance or some other plan pays for most of these expenses — wouldn’t you rather be off all medication and insulin with your doctor’s help?
You have to buy food anyway. Wouldn’t you rather purchase healthy PRIMAL Foods that deliver powerful nutrient-dense nutrition that really heal diabetes? Wouldn’t you rather do this than just manage diabetes with unnatural drugs that just mask your symptoms for the rest of your life until you die?

Remember: Natural PRIMAL Foods deliver super nutrition that your whole body uses to heal all your other health conditions as well — not just diabetes! Don’t you want to feel joy again?
"O.K. Patrick, $14.97 is a bargain…
seriously…what’s the catch?"
We both know that $14.97 is a drop in the bucket. So, you have  right to be "skeptical" by asking that question. Well, truthfully, there is a catch…

Only 2,500 (And Shrinking Fast) Charter Members
Will Be
Accepted Into The
"Diabetic Warrior™ Heal Diabetes Now Program"!
I’ve placed a cap on this program at 2,500 Charter Members. Once these initial memberships are sold (and this won’t take long) I will close the doors and no more memberships will be available.
Why am I limiting membership to the first 2,500 people who join?
Well it’s my experience that early adopters tend to be bare-knuckle, determined fighters that never quit.
I want cussed, ornery, never-say-die, fighters as members. I want warriors! I want subscribers who will follow this program for an entire year and never give up. I want members who are determined to get well. I want success stories.
It’s not because the program is hard to follow. Actually, it’s quite easy. However, it is still a process that must be followed step-by-step to get results. And I don’t want members who whine, make excuses and give up. I believe that those members who recognize the truth in these pages and commit to the whole program early will be true warriors.
Listen… new figures from The Centers For Disease Control estimates there are nearly 24 million Type 2 Diabetics in the United States alone and over 400 million worldwide. Which means these memberships are selling out fast!
        So, if you want to join, the time to do it is right now before the big SOLD OUT sign goes up below.

Your Money Will Be Returned By Clickbank
At The Click Of A Mouse If You’re Unhappy
Here’s the deal. I sell these memberships through Clickbank, which means I play by their rules. And those rules state that I have to offer you an 8-week, money back guarantee. I’m fine with that. I totally stand behind my program and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the content and the final results.
However, for your peace of mind, please know that a refund is available anytime within the next 8 weeks simply by emailing me or Clickbank if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Join Now While Charter Memberships
Are Still Available…

Yes, Patrick, I want my first Lesson delivered right
now, on how to heal Type 2 Diabetes! I have read
and agree to the disclaimers and terms of use below.

(Even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday)

You will receive an email every 2-3 days from the day you join with a download link to your 7 QUICK START .PDF Lessons. After that you will receive an email every 9-10 days with a download link to your 38 Regular .PDF lessons in this 12-month training program.

Your initial charge will be $14.97. You will be charged $14.97 per month for 11 months after your initial payment has been made. You may cancel anytime.

Don’t Worry — Be Happy!
I mentioned this earlier, but just wanted to stress it one last time because I think it’s one of the most important benefits you gain as part if this membership.
Rejoice! You now have a step-by-step plan for recovery. You no longer have to rely on disjointed information pieced together from many sources. Each morning when you awake, you’ll have a cohesive, tested and proven strategy for healing Type 2 Diabetes. There is no more fear!
Once you learn which PRIMAL Foods, Whole Food Supplements and Natural Remedies specifically balance your blood sugar levels, heal insulin resistance and prevent or eliminate diabetic complications — your confidence will skyrocket, your strength will increase, you will lose FAT or gain muscle as needed and your worry and mental fog will disappear.

Also, the PRIMAL Foods I suggest will save you money. They are so nutrient-dense that they will quickly satisfy your hunger cravings and you will soon eat less.

In that way, you will save money over purchasing conventional foods that are nutritionally bankrupt!
You’ll feel strong and capable again. You’ll now have the confidence and the determination to accomplish any goal or take on any task. Go ahead. Start new projects, travel the world, visit friends, play with your grandchildren, garden, shop, and go to shows or sporting events.

You will have taken back your life instead of being sick, weak and depressed.
If you are a warrior, a fighter — and this sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, let’s get started right now.
P.S. If you are still undecided about joining Click Here 

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